Debra Mathias(non-registered)
Your photography is awesome. Love the sunset pictures the most.
Stephanie Evans(non-registered)
Your photos of fall speak to my soul. They bring so many memories for me.
George Stewart(non-registered)
Roberta You have a very good eye and your composition is outstanding.
Barbara M. Laib(non-registered)
I love your pictures! You are very talented. Good luck on your October show.
Adam Garza(non-registered)
I was floored at the sheer beauty of these photographs. When I grow up I want to be as great an artist as MS Kayne. Thank You for taking the time to share your eyes with us.
Kristen Bateman(non-registered)
Just looked through the latest pictures of Yellowstone...
absolutely breathtaking!!
You have a wonderful gift -
Sally Kennedy(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing!
Chandresh & Viral(non-registered)
Excellent Pics! You are talented!!!
Beth Ruggiero(non-registered)
Roberta, I love your photos! They are inspiring and thoughtful. Can't wait to see your Europe pics!
Rene Delane(non-registered)
Roberta - The talent you have for capturing beautiful images of nature is a true gift! Viewing the slideshow I was transported to the Carribean and could almost feel the gentle breezes and smell the fresh sea air. What you do powerfully touches the heart and allows the mind to dwell in the serenity of nature's beauty. Thank you for sharing!
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