Sharonah Laemmle(non-registered)
Beautiful photos! I really enjoyed your showing recently, and loved looking at your website just now. I love Israel, and immersing in your photos touches my heart and mind deeply. Thank you!
Brenda Pearson-GV Alumni(non-registered)
What beautiful pictures. I have not done GV in Cuba yet ,but hope to do so soon.
JANE Miller(non-registered)
I loved your pictures of Cuba. I can't wait to visit.
Debra Mathias(non-registered)
Your photography is awesome. Love the sunset pictures the most.
Stephanie Evans(non-registered)
Your photos of fall speak to my soul. They bring so many memories for me.
George Stewart(non-registered)
Roberta You have a very good eye and your composition is outstanding.
Barbara M. Laib(non-registered)
I love your pictures! You are very talented. Good luck on your October show.
Adam Garza(non-registered)
I was floored at the sheer beauty of these photographs. When I grow up I want to be as great an artist as MS Kayne. Thank You for taking the time to share your eyes with us.
Kristen Bateman(non-registered)
Just looked through the latest pictures of Yellowstone...
absolutely breathtaking!!
You have a wonderful gift -
Sally Kennedy(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing!
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