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6-18-22 Sunset at Giants Playground with Quiver Tree DSCF1036 large6-18-22 Looking Up at a Quiver Tree DSCF0913- large6-19-22 Sunrise Quiver Trees DSCF1089 large rev6-19-22 Quiver Tree Forest Night Sky DSCF1064-large rev#3 crop6-19-22 Quiver Tree Sunrise DSCF1118-19-20-HDR large6-19-22 Sunrise Series Quiver Tree _2 DSCF1093 large artistic pick6-21-22 Chocolate Mountain Pink Sky 0218 Rev 3 large6-21-22 Sunset on Namib Rand & Mountains DSCF0590 Rev 7 large6-22-22 Mountain Layers - Many Layers of Namibia DSCF0197 large rev. 26-23-22 Dunes from Helicopter DSCF2113 large revised6-23-22 Dunes from Helicopter DSCF2123 large6-23-22 Dunes from Helicopter DSCF2152 large cropped rev6-24-22 Dead Vlei 5 Trees DSCF2688 large rev w vignette6-24-22 Dunes & Trees in Sandstorm DSCF1068 large6-24-22 Sossusvlei Dunes Triangles & Tree DSCF1004 B&W Version 3 large6-24-22 Sossusvlei Dunes Triangles & Tree DSCF1004 large6-24-22 Two Trees DSCF0715-revised w extend canvas large6-24-22-Dead-Vlei-Ghostly-Trees-DSCF2652-revised-with-extended-canvas-rev-w-less-red-in-sand-straightened-with-vignette large FINALCanyon at Sunrise #2Canyon at Sunrise