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6-19-22 Blue Room Sunset DSCF1278-large revised6-19-22 Kolmanskop Green Pink Blue Gold Rooms DSCF1244 large6-19-22 Kolmanskop Hospital DSCF1328-original with tonal contrast only_tonemapped revised combined with brighter image large FINAL PICK FOR BOOK6-19-22 Room with Tub Grunge DSCF1252_tonemapped large6-19-22 Tub in the Desert DSCF1169-large6-20-22 Executive Houses Kolmanskop DSCF1359 large rev grunge6-20-22 Kolmanskop-20220620_094618_tonemapped-large6-20-22 Light Streaming in Door DSCF1411-large6-20-22 View from Window at Kolmanskop DSCF0182-Edit large revised6-21-22 Kolmanskop Large House -DSCF1427-Rev Luminar Topaz Adjust large6-21-22 Window View of Desert DSCF1422_3_4 large rev2