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Dancing Hares -0010Jack Nicklaus StatueOld-Dublin-4061Old Dublin 810-4108Field of Honor-4967Daily Chores Sculpture 810-4100Daily Chores Sculpture 2 Historic-DublinOld-Dublin-810--4064Field of Corn DublinDublin Veterans ParkDublin Veterans Park 810-3891Thaddeus Kosciuszko Metro Park 810-1242_Dublin Community Church-810-9719Alexander Davis Cabin, Dublin OH-810-9687Leatherlips Sculpture w logo 810-9666-7-8Alexander Davis Cabin, Dublin6-25-15 Old Dublin 810--4111Old Dublin 810-4108Old Dublin 810--4058-6-21-15 Corn Field Dublin 810-3846-Edit-Edit-2