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8-31-20 Celosia celebration largeDSCF00112-1-22 Back of Orchid DSCF1641-large2-1-22 Orchid DSCF1470 large2-1-22 Phalaenopsis Orchid DSCF1639-large4-2-22 Thale Cress DSCF8186-large2-1-22 Orchid Frills & Curls DSCF1690 large4-2-22-Trout-Lily-DSCF8107 large10-25-20 Cosmos DSCF9214 largeHolding the Color - Orchid9-16-20 Flowers & Bees DSCF0481 large8-20-20 Water Lilly DSCF8605 large8-20-20 Lotus Closed DSCF8583 large rev8-18-20 Passion Flower large DSCF00068-7-20 Purple Flowers DSCF0034 large8-7-20 Bee & Purple Flower DSCF0079-1 large 11x1410-25-20 Two Cosmos DSCF9337 large crop7-30-20 Allium FPC DSCF9142 large crop6-21-20 Garden Delight Floribunda Rose DSCF8662 large7-30-20 Allium sharp DSCF9138 large7-12-20 Lily DSCF8944 large