4-21-22 Windmill & 4 Bicycles Sunset DSCF1648-large revised4-20-22 Bicycle & Trees DSCF0512 large cropped rev4-20-22 Farmer in Tulip Field DSCF0518-large4-20-22 Sunrise & Reflection at Windmill DSCF0432-large4-20-22 Tulip & Tree Symmetry DSCF0560 large4-20-22 Tulips & Windmill 9XT28644 large4-20-22 Windmill & Red Tulips DSCF0850-large rev #24-21-22 De Schermer Molens Windmills Museum DSCF9063_5 cropped large4-21-22 ICM Tulips & Flowers DSCF1422-Edit large4-21-22 Sunset & Trees DSCF1716-large4-21-22 Sunset & Trees DSCF1723-large4-21-22 Sunset & Trees DSCF1729 large4-21-22 Yellow Tulips & Blue Hyacinth DSCF1365-large4-22-22 Blue Hour at Hoorn Harbor DSCF2192-large revised lighter4-22-22 Lady in Red on Bicycle with Tulips & Church DSCF1831-large rev24-24-22 9478 Purple Orange Yellow Tulips & Windmills DSCF9478-large4-24-22 A Movement in Time & Space  ICM DSCF3665 large4-19-22 Boat & Reflections DSCF8508-large4-17-22 Blue Hour on the Canal DSCF8693-large rev2