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6-15-22 Leopard DSCF0450-large6-15-22 Lion B&W Portrait DSCF0559-large6-15-22-Lion-Portrait-DSCF0562-large6-16-22  Rhino DSCF0843-B&W No Border Large6-16-22 -Cheetah Growling DSCF0747-large6-19-22 Cheetah in the Weeds at Preserve DSCF0117-large rev26-16-22 Cheetah in Tree DSCF0637 large no frame6-16-22 Cheetah Portrait in Tree DSCF0653-large6-14-22 Chacma Baboon in Morning Light DSCF0004-Edit cropped darkened-sharpened large6-16-22 Chacma Baboons -DSCF0759-large6-16-22 Rhinos B&W DSCF0832 rev2 12-26-22 extended canvas large6-16-22 White Rhino at Sunset DSCF0846 revised large with sunrays6-22-22 Bat Eared Foxes DSCF0614- large6-22-22 Oryx on Dune DSCF1773 large6-22-22 Ostrich at Namib Rand DSCF1815-large6-22-22 Ostrich at Namib Rand DSCF1837 large6-22-22 SPRINGBOK PRONKING DSCF0125-large6-27-22 Flamingos in Flight DSCF2382 large revised6-26-22 Dancing Flamingo DSCF1869-large rev6-26-22 Flamingo Silhouettes DSCF1819 large w vignette